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Le coussin Autruche light est parfaitement adapté aux siestes imprévues dans les transports en commun ou dans l'avion!

Ostrich Pillow Light – Portable Power Napping Pillow For People On The Go: After an immensely successful campaign, the portable napping invention the Ostrich Pillow invented by Kawamura Ganjavian is back with a new minimal ve.

To travel is to live | Voyage | Wander - pillows

Idee voor zelfgemaakte kussens To travel is to live

DIY Home Decor: 14 façons d'utiliser les tringles à rideaux décora...

14 façons d'utiliser les tringles à rideaux décoratives, autre... que pour suspendre des rideaux!

14 ways to use decorative curtain rods, . other than to hang curtains! - Tips - Tips and Crafts

Outdoor Fire Pit by Third Rock

Backyard fire pits would be so much more exciting if everyone used the Third Rock Earth design by Fire Pit Art. USA-based Fire Pit Art is a company that produces creative heavy duty fire pits for residential and commercial use (including custom designs).

Prism Glasses

Prism Glasses Enable Reading While Lying Down

Prism Glasses are optical glasses that allow you to read in bed or watch TV while lying flat on your back. The perfect solution for those with limited mobility, these unique prism glasses are great for preventing neck cramps or eye strain.

Seriously,  where has this been my whole life?!

Ideal Two-in-One Massage and Tanning Pillow

I'm not sure why I don't have one. Oh yeah, I don't have that much time to lay on the beach. Good idea though.


Funny pictures about Awesome Swing In The Ocean. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Swing In The Ocean. Also, Awesome Swing In The Ocean photos.

Digital highlighter! Text goes directly to your computer! Genius!

Digital highlighter - Text goes directly to your computer. I'm in law school.Shut-up and take my money!

Hot box that shit all day!

Funny pictures about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Oh, and cool pics about Inflatable Lawn Tent. Also, Inflatable Lawn Tent photos.

Constrained Ball - ALWAYS make a straight line. ___________

Constrained Ball

Pencil wheel for straight lines with small screen for measurements and distance, because ruler is too mainstream