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As much as I love self hosted WordPress, it is not the right platform for everyone.

All WordPress Hosting is Not Created Equal - Don't Learn It the Hard Way

I learned the hard way that all wordpress hosting is not created equal. This is the host that I chose.

Black Friday Deals for Bloggers on Hosting, Blogging Courses, Graphics

Here are some Black Friday deals for bloggers. Fab deals on hosting, blogging courses, stock photos, and WordPress plugins. via @AlmostPractical

How to Change Permalinks in WordPress

This is how to change permalinks in WordPress - and it is something that you should do before you add a single piece of content to your blog or website.

How To Change the Byline in the Genesis Theme for Wordpress

How to change the byline in the Genesis theme for WordPress.

How to Change Your Favicon in Dynamik for Genesis

How to change your favicon in the Dynamik WordPress theme for Genesis.

Migrating a WordPress Website - Trials and Tribulations

Migrating a WordPress website is not for the faint of heart. Even if all goes smoothly, there are still loose ends. This is what I learned. via @AlmostPractical