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Little whispers of delight... Bahahaha

Little whispers of delight.


This bird loves chocolate like a fat kid loves cake lol! (Just to reiterate though, chocolate is NOT safe for birds to ingest. If you have a bird, don't let them go for a swim in a fountain of chocolate.

12 fotos distorsionadas de artistas de hollywood @ www.elmemeno.com

NYC Artist Shows Us What Famous Celebrities Would Look Like as Normal People - Too funny!

28 Things Women With Small Boobs Simply Don't Have To Deal With

via Men's Humor on FB

Funny Confession Ecard: When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes, she's using the same time scale a guy is when he says the game has 5 minutes left.

This reminds me of Braden S. and his love of animals....even the angry ones...

Africa is amazing and funny place. Be careful while you travel in Africa, you may be faced to real angry birds. Check out the funny image of Africa style .

me too

I'd actually *go to the gym if I had a car. a car and money. Annnnnnd perhaps the will power to stop eating chocolate.


Free and Funny Reminders Ecard: Mexican Word of the Day: Wheelchair.Me and Juan only have uno taco but is okay, wheelchair'

My bilingual problems...can only imagine it for tri- and multilinguals. XD

This doesn't really make me smile. I hate this and it's the story of my life.

Leggings as pants - yes or no?

I'm in college. Wearing leggings as pants is not the worst thing I will do this week. College in a nutshell… Liu Vieu

Bad pussy

If you can see Cat Norris, he can see you. If you cannot see Cat Norris you may be only seconds away from death. This is absolutely FUNNY

When someone stares at me, I assume they are taking notes.... On how to be fabulous.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: When someone stares at me, I assume they are taking notes. On how to be fabulous.

You're an idiot

Funny Friendship Ecard: Somewhere, somebody out there is thinking of you, and the tremendous impact you made on their life.I think youre an idiot.

Might try this at work

People will stop asking stupid questions if you respond in interpretive dance :P