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Witch's Garden

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The six gifts of Wicca. Please check out my site http://www.pendragonschoolofrealmagic.com to larn real magi.:

The six gifts of Wicca. Please check out my site www. to larn real magi.

Lunar abundance

Setting intentions in tune with the moon connects you with the energy of the universe. Set your new moon intentions & full moon intentions in ritual each month.

pinkii life, comments

pinkii life, comments

The Elements . Elemental Magic and this too will be very helpful with spell casting

The Elements and elemental magic, different spells can focus on different elements. Be sure that, if you use the elements in your spells, use the best quality. Try to use pure mineral water instead of tap.

10 Herbs for Spiritual Practice. #herbs #herbalmedicine

10 Magickal Herbs You Need In Your Practice - essential herbs and flowers for witchcraft