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We talk a lot about cutting back. It’s easy to talk about cutting frivolous spending or things of no real consequence. Making BIG moves to dump large amounts of debt - in this lifetime - requires a close look at hard choices. Have you considered the following spending decisions? debt free debt freedom #debt #debtfree #savemoney get out of debt, getting out of debt

12 Personal Finance Moves You Should Make by Age 30

Personal finance moves to make by age 30. Get going! | GoGirl Finance ***this is good! Already have some in place!***

How We Paid Off $22,047 in Less than 9 Months

Family #1 manages to pay off $40,000 in debt in two years on a $35,000 annual income. Family #2 makes $100,000 a year but can’t seem to make the slightest dent in the same amount of debt. Obviously, the second family has a spending problem. They make plenty of money—more than enough to pay off that debt in two years. But they have so much money going out, they can’t keep their head above... FULL ARTICLE @

Budget Series: Frugal Living (Groceries)

How to Get Out of Debt on a Low Income. I really like this blog! Pay off Debt, Student Loan Debt #debt Debt Payoff, Credit Card Debt #Debt

How our family saves $10,000 a year! — Frugal Debt Free Life - Limitless Life on a Limited Budget

Whether to Save and Invest When You're Getting Out of Debt

You may be wondering whether to pay off debt or save first Find out here whether to save and invest when you're getting out of debt. Debt Payoff, Credit Card Debt #Debt

10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free

Do you want to pay off all your debts? These 10 Smart Ways to Become Debt Free are tips from people who have accomplished such a lofty goal. Debt, Debt Payoff #Debt

Dealing With Discouragement: A Debt Discussion

Great ways to stay positive and motivated while paying off debt. The comments have some more wonderful ideas! debt strategies, pay off debt, how to pay off debt #debt

How to Get Student Loan Forgiveness

To get a student loan forgiven, you can seek out programs that are career-based, meaning they provide aid for those in certain professions. Or you can look into plans based on your income level. debt free debt freedom #debt #debtfree #savemoney

Big List of (Legit) Extra Income Ideas

Earning extra income isn't as hard as you think. Here are several different ways you can earn some extra money. Some of these will amount to a little spending money while others can morph into a full time income! get out of debt, getting out of debt