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When anyone, but especially someone famous, is this amazing with kids, I automatically love and respect them.:

Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans…

Funny pictures about Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans. Oh, and cool pics about Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans. Also, Robert Downey Jr. loves his young fans.

The Eternal Optimist

'Captain America: Civil War' has already spawned a meme starring Iron Man being wrong and Captain America ready to flip tables.

deadpool and spidey:

We need more Spidey/Deadpool

I love when Dead pool and Spiderman are together. I die of laughter - visit to grab an unforgettable cool Super Hero T-Shirt!

Civil War... This probably shouldn't have given me the feels like it did... Ouch.

Well Heimdall might be busy preparing for RAGNAROK so. <<< Are you kidding it took Heimdall twenty seconds to locate Jane at the end of "Thor" he couldn't take thirty more to find Bucky!

Legolas lolz

The Avengers + Loki . according to Tony Stark I'm a huge fan of how you lose control and turn into a enormous green rage monster! No Reindeer games (Loki)?


I have never seen a more adorable expression on Jeremy Renner's face! Hawkeye is great and all but DANG, Renner! Just be yourself, man! Your adorable self!