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Post Ur Prince Photos Part 7

P has too many good pics!

Inside Paisley Park - Prince 's studio &  home in Minneapolis

I love it that is so going to be my house when I grow up

Dirty Mind

Since Prince's passing SO MANY new, unseen photos! Post them here!


i-heart-prince: ripopgodazippa: ‘Al Green’ CD in his hand, he’s heading over to my place ;

https://flic.kr/p/25Rgz | prince | I know times r changing It's time we all  reached out 4  something new  That means u 2 U say u want a leader But u can't seem  2 make up your mind I think u better close it And let me guide u  2 the purple rain --prince

Today is Their Birthday-Musicians: June Prince -"Purple Rain," Red Corvette" "Raspberry Beret" E- is today.

Prince.. My fascination /adoration/ admiration for this musical genius started when I was about 13 years old. With age I have come to love and admire him even more. Nobody comes even close to writing lyrical poetry like Prince.

Prince - A man revered for his individualism. Whether he's in 6 inch heels and fedora hat or lounging in a shocking purple 3 piece, there is no doubting the undisputed swagger of the great man. The epitome of cool, Prince's fashion savvy says to the ordin

Purple Prince guitar -

Purple guitar with arrow-shaped neck, mounted on stand (Photo by Erin de Jauregui) Grammy award-winning musician Prince played this guitar — which is in the shape of the symbol that he used instead of a name — at the Super Bowl.

I Adore him too!

Watched Purple rain last night with my love! These lyrics fit us! This is why I love Prince! His lyrics have soooo much meaning and content! Adore is musical genius at it's finest.