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Anger Worksheets

Anger is probably the #1 issue the kids I work with deal with. In this post you will find many great links, worksheets, and resources for addressing anger in children of all ages. One of my favorit…

Three dead in Venezuela cash unrest

A weekend of looting and clashes left at least three people dead in Venezuela, authorities said, as anger roiled over a chaotic currency reform that left many without cash. A man, a woman and an adolescent boy were shot dead when violence erupted on Saturday in the town of La Paragua, in the southern

Go ahead and judge me, but when you do I hope you ask yourself how clean your closet is to have the right to judge me.

The waves matched her tears and her anger towards the people of this town. She knew she should stop. Knew it wasn't right to let the ocean consume this forsaken land but her anger burned too bright. Drake stepped out of the shadows with his gang that was ready to stop her at all costs. She growled deep in her throat and let the water freeze behind her.

Carl Paladino - CAUGHT on CAMERA "Telling Michelle Obama & Barack Obama,...

Jordan Hill - Carpentersville IL Tesfaye Cooper Facebook Chicago Torture Jordan Hill and Tesfaye Cooper are two of the four teens charged with hate crime for torturing a mentally disabled Donald Trump supporter in Chicago. Jordan is from Carpentersville IL a town in the Chicago metropolitan area. Tesfaye is from Chicago. The attack was recorded by Brittany Covington and live streamed on Facebook. Brittany's sister Tanisha Covington was also involved in the kidnapping. Brittany's 30-minute…