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George Harrison, playing sitar, and Rita Tushingham

January George with Rita Tushingham, the star of the movie 'Wonderwall,' who is visiting him during a break in filming.




George and his Gibson Les Paul "Lucy" given to him by Eric Clapton and used to record "While my Guitar Gently Weeps". You get my wife and I get the Les Paul?

George, Ringo & Pete Drake during the sessions for All Things Must Pass

George Harrison, Ringo Starr and Pete Drake during the "All Things Must Pass" sessions.



George & Paul - Let It Be

George Harrison with his Fender Rosewood Telecaster, Let It Be sessions, early 1969 ““George had a pair of interesting presents to bring into the studio for the first sessions. One was a splendid Rosewood Telecaster guitar from Fender of America.

Harrison and Starr dance with their mothers at the premiere party for the film A Hard Day's Night in London, 1964.

George Harrison & Ringo Starr dancing with their mums at the premiere party for their film, 'A Hard Day's Night,' directed by Richard Lester, at the Dorchester Hotel, London.

George and his custom rosewood Telecaster. I love that guitar...almost as much as I love Georgie. Almost.

George Harrison & his custom rosewood telecaster. as the lead guitarist, he never played an unnecessary note. In his solos and fills, George prized clarity and concision above all things - from 100 greatest guitarists: David Fricke's picks, rolling stone

George Harrison tunes his Epiphone Casino guitar before the performance at Philadelphia's JFK Stadium.

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Young George Harrison Playing the Sitar

George Harrison born February George playing the sitar circa Listen to a playlist featuring his Beatles era Raga rock.