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Un Poco de arte moderno, Mike Mitchell

We are a social network with a mission to promote healing and connections through the spoken word by helping people leave a legacy of videos allowing them to let go knowing that the word that matter most have been said

My touch can be toxic My venom is worse One touch of my poison You cannot reverse Nightshade Dark Fairyling

Skullys always "dead tired" in the morning so it's nice of his friends to bring him breakfast in bed <3

If you come upon my path I will guard you from Hell's wrath! Skully Skelling 💀

You think it's all romantic Like in the vampire books But you'll need an absolution When you find that love just sucks! Viktoria Vampling ❤️

I glamour for love or just to entice And make a heart full of passion, freeze cold as ice 💙 Tempest Hexling 💙