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vintage photo: mickey mouse and minnie mouse at nuclear bomb test mushroom cloud

bayım...ne koydunuz kafanıza?

Proyecto “The Green Line” de Daniel Gordon Problem Painting de Urs Fischer Tony Palladino, 1968 Rocio Montoya Julia Geiser Sammy Slabinnick Historic Problem de Urs Fischer


Chinese Fruit Vendors Are Selling Peaches That Are Clad in Tiny Women's Underwear

Balloon Art in memory of Andy Warhol..

This poor horse! In some humane way, it might be interesting to mix animal/bubble. It could be an animal that is no longer of this earth. Surreal photo by Andrea Galvan of white horse with white balloons covering head.

Only way I could go to Disney again!

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unexpected shots amazing

unexpected shots amazing

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Portrait/Self Portrait - Mary Britton Clouse 2005 A long time animal advocate and artist, Mary Britton Clouse and her husband Albert Clouse run a Minneapolis animal sanctuary, Chicken Run Rescue . Come on, this is a terrific photo

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Check out the design Ultimate Fusion! by Chawit Waewsawangwong on Threadless

106-year-old Armenian Woman guards home, 1990. Tradução: Mulher Armnia^de 106 anos de idade guarda a sua casa. Aqui no Nordeste dizemos: Mulher macho sim senhor! Essa honra as saias que veste.

106 year old Armenian woman guards her home in southern Armenia in 1990