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I think right as this picture was taken, Jensen farted and Jared was the first one caught in the crossfire.

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dark2 by pompei77.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Dean Winchester fanart - artist unknown (if this is yours please leave a comment so I can give credit)

Oh yes, yes it did. Pretty sure my loving husband reached over and wiped the drool off my chin. I'm not ashamed.

Well my inner fangirl lost it before, but yeah . I go crazy for men in well tailored suits. and this is DEAN in a well tailored suit.

Sam, Sammi, Sam Winchester

Sam, Sammy, Sam Winchester -- and all three versions can kill just about anything or anyone

That moment when they told the truth to get into a mental hospital

Supernatural - It was really funny, but also very sad, because they pretended they were crazy by telling the truth about their lives. 😂 he wears a trench coat

I'm gonna make a skirt like that

This is necessary. You never know when you will need to rip off your skirt and use it to trap a demon. never mind you can just trap Dean the demon INSIDE of your skirt.

Sam Winchester tried Weed!!! Did NOT see that coming!

Am I to assume that Sammy got high in College and then called Dean up? You can’t just stop there and keep us hanging! I live for this brotherly banter.