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Amazing history of dog breed - Chinese Crested. Diseases of Chinese Crested.

Small Dog Sweater - Chevron Dog Sweater - Shih Tzu - Maltese - Poodle - Boston Terrier - Crochet - by FashionPup on Etsy

Small Dog Sweater - Chevron Dog Sweater - Shih Tzu - Maltese - Poodle - Boston Terrier - Crochet - by FashionPup on Etsy Mehr

Adorable or Abuse? You make the call… | Capcy

A dog with an animal character design at a creative grooming competition in Seacaucus, New Jersey. This was one of the stars of a creative dog-grooming

Infographic: Rain Rot - TheHorse.com | Rain rot is a bacterial skin disease that causes hair loss and leaves horses with large patches of raw, irritated skin. It’s also highly contagious and can spread from horse to horse via direct contact, grooming tools, and tack. Find out how to manage rain rot in our step-by-step visual guide, sponsored by Kinetic Vet! #horses #horsehealth #rainrot #TheHorse #infographic

Infographic: Rain Rot

Learn about this frustrating contagious equine skin disease and how to prevent its spread.

Here is some great information about the Chinese Crested Powder Puffs breed. Whether you are looking to buy one or just want to know more...  http://miniaturepaws.com/chinese-crested-powder-puffs-information-about-breed/

The Chinese Crested dog comes in two varieties: Hairless and Powderpuff. Ozzy and Ellie 💕

Chinese Crested Dog - Old Man

Saw these two chinese crested dogs walking with their owner outside Harpoon Harry's in Key West and had to grab a couple of shots.

The Chinese Crested Standard

Home of the Chinese Crested.Everything you need to know about the Chinese Crested dog.Both hairless and Powder Puff.Detailed information on Structure, grooming , and understanding of the AKC Standard

lustige sprueche - 22

lustige sprueche - 22

I still feel a little bit like this when I have a cupcake!

'That cupcake is out of my reach, but who cares. It may be sour anyway'. This cute frustrated doggie saying to himself but still have his eyes on the cute cupcake.

ive always loved these little guys! Chinese Crested Puppies...i want it so bad!

Chinese Crested Puppies i would totally go for this little guy!