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This is a light and delicious loaf of bread made with instant mashed potato flakes. It was my first truly successful attempt at using my new bread machine, and I plan on making it again and again! If I didnt screw it up it must be foolproof! I found this online somewhere, but Im ashamed to say I forgot where. This makes one 1 1/2 pound loaf.

Potato Bread (Bread Machine): a light and delicious loaf made with instant mashed potato flakes. - makes one 1 pound loaf.

Quinoa Oatmeal Bread (bread machine recipe).  Choose your quinoa -  1 cup cooked quinoa OR ½ cup quinoa flakes OR cook as below     ⅓ cup uncooked quinoa      ⅔ cup water for cooking quinoa grains.  Put prepared quinoa into breadmaker.  Add 1 cup buttermilk (1 T lem juice or vinegar + milk to make 1 cup)     1 teaspoon salt     1 tablespoon honey     4 tablespoons butter     ½ cup quick oats     ½ cup whole wheat flour     1½ cups bread flour     1½ teaspoon yeast.  Bake on whole grain…

Quinoa Oatmeal Bread

Protein Powered Quinoa Oatmeal Bread (bread machine recipe) I have an older model bread machine that makes great dough,but blah bread. So I finished this in the oven, 375 for 25 min. After an extra hour rise. One yummy loaf!

Ron's Bread Machine White

Ron's Bread Machine White Recipe: this really did stay fresh for longer than I've ever seen fresh white bread stay. Made "the best grilled cheese I've eaten in my entire life" according to DH, with this recipe.

Basic white bread made in a bread machine by JuliasAlbum, via Flickr

How to make basic white bread less dense in a bread machine

Basic white bread made in a bread machine: 1 cup + 3 tablespoons water 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 teaspoons salt 3 cups white bread flour 2 teaspoons active dry yeast

whole wheat bread machine recipe - finally found one that isn't super dense!

whole wheat bread machine recipe - finally found one that isn't super dense! in bread machine for 1 lb loaf.

I will be trying this in the breadmachine today!  Whole Wheat bread, looks delicious!

Whole Wheat Machine Bread

Whole Wheat Machine Bread :) from " Guilty Kitchen" of lemon juice with the almond milk, and use 4 cups of w/w flour instead of adding of seeds. Best bread maker recipe for whole wheat bread, hands-down!

Mini pot pies with just 4 ingredients!

Grands!® Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Chicken Pot Pie with just 4 ingredients? It couldn't get any easier!® Chicken Pot Pie Puffs 2 cups Green Giant® frozen mixed vegetables, thawed 1 cup diced cooked chicken 1 can oz) condensed cream of chicken soup