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You can't help but smile at the cuteness of these adorable little rodent.

Adorable Violet Chinchillas Look Like Perfect Circles from Behind

From behind, these adorable violet chinchillas look like perfect circles. Their adorable fluffiness makes them look like a giant dust ball!

My exact words upon seeing this, "It's a Chinchilla!  I have one of those!"It's eating a dorito.... Omg it is so cute....... ^_^

Here is a collection of my favorite internet animals

Though these owners should be HANGED for feeding a chinchilla a dorito.they apparently want it to die. A chinchilla's GI tract is too sensitive for more than two raisins, let alone a Dorito!

Fleece Tubes For Chinchillas And Other Small Pets

Fleece Tube Accessories (Tube, Hardware and/or Covers)

This chinchilla doing human things is so freaking adorable

This Adorable Creature Just Wants To Be A Human

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An Kety Pet Supplies. This is an Dog Pet Flat Chest Girth Rope. Most animal and pet experts recommend the use of the adjustable dog leash.