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Wip i really like this

Wip i really like this

This page wasn't really essential in the storyline but it will permit a smoother transition for the last page of the comic and...besides, more Apritello doesn't do any wrong . Next page will be the...

What began as a teeny tiny goofy doodle on my sketchbook eventually, through some weird miracle, became this. I have drawanon and Violette-Aner to thank especially for the critiques and inspiration.

Teeth Studies - 2002 by dirktiede [http://dirktiede.deviantart.com/gallery/24818427/Werewolf-Sketchbook]

If I haven't already revealed myself to be a complete and utter dork about this werewolf stuff, this should prove it — I even did a dentition study, and of course, I had to animate it. I only ended.

Comic Art by Jamal Campbell

One of my dream X-men rosters. This team would take a break from the mutant-mutant in-fighting, instead focusing on superheroing and forcing society to . The Sensational X-Men

X-women Marvel Fashion serie:Anna Marie aka Malicia aka RogueFind her on my artbook and go help me make that book real https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1741342043/kicking-ass-and-wearing-heels-the-fashion-art-of-c

X-women Marvel Fashion serie: Anna Marie aka Malicia aka Rogue Find her on my artbook and go help me make that book real.