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St David

Dewi Sant (Saint David c. patron saint of Wales) Icon, painted and gilded in traditional style, in egg tempera on gesso by Sarah Crisp for the restored shrine at St David's Cathedral: St David's Day, March

St. David of Wales icon

St. David of Wales icon

Monastery Icons creates saint icons, like this St. David of Wales Icon, in a number of different sizes and formats.

St Davids day poem - LizaMJones

St Davids day poem - St Davids day poem

Read story St Davids day poem by LizaMJones (Liza M Jones) with 169 reads.

SAN JUAN CASIANO, orar siempre

The Curious Case of St. John Cassian – Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy


John at Patmos

Σχετική εικόνα

Σχετική εικόνα



Свт. Спиридон Тримифунтский - выставка икон православных мастерских «Русская Икона»

Seraphim of Sarov

Prince Vladimir Icon

Prince Vladimir Icon

St Romanus presented himself before Asclepiades the Eparch & said "The idols are not gods;even a little child could tell you that". Then the St asked that a child be brought in from the market, that he judge of the matter at hand. Therefore, when the child was asked, "Which God must we worship?" he replied, "Christ". The child was beaten mercilessly & beheaded at the command of the tyrant. As for St Romanus, his tongue was cut out, & then he was cast into prison, where he was strangled (305…

Romanus the Melodist, c hymnographer in Constantinople Price Books

St. Patrick - an Orthodox Saint? - The Catalog of Good Deeds

Patrick - an Orthodox Saint? - The Catalog of Good Deeds

Icons of St. Panteleimon showing him holding a medicine box.

Panteleimon showing him holding a medicine box.

profeta Daniele

The power of the Archangel Michael revealed in the protection of the Three Holy Youths: Ananias, Azarias and Misail, thrown into the fiery furnace for their refusal to worship an idol (Dan

A secret disciple, Righteous Joseph of Arimathea asked Pilate for the Lord's body. He removed it from the Cross, wrapped it in linen, and buried it in a grave in the Garden of Gethsemane that he had prepared for himself. Together with the MostHoly Mother of God and the Holy Myrrh-Bearing Women, he rolled a heavy stone at the entrance to the Tomb. Righteous Joseph preached the Gospel around the world, and died peacefully in England. (Jul 31; icon by Deacon Matthew Garrett, Flickr)

Joseph of Arimathea, the Theotokos, St. John the Theologian, and the Myrrh-bearing women (.

St. Matthew

Orthodox icons of Patron Saints - icon-painting studio Gurdian Angel - Page 16

MYSTAGOGY: Saint Joseph of Arimathea

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