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How to write in Elvish. Broken down. This makes me so freakin happy. Totally going to learn. @karen ceballos

Funny pictures about Write your name in Elvish in 10 minutes. Oh, and cool pics about Write your name in Elvish in 10 minutes. Also, Write your name in Elvish in 10 minutes.

Legolas and Tauriel and twins

I always read fan fic where they end up with twins, so even though this is a work in progre. Legolas, Tauriel and Twins.

Barad-Dûr Perspective via Geekfill

Sauron has many spies with many eyes. but only one of them is a bajillion feet tall and on fire. View "Infographic: How Tall is the Tower of Sauron?" and more funny posts on Dorkly

Thranduil and legolas

kagalin mirkwood - By far THE cutest image of thranduil and Legolas

Childhood trauma by Miyucchi.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt So that is why he rides a horse and no an Elk xD

Childhood trauma by Miyucchi Why Legolas did not ride an elk like his Ada Thanduil

HA HA HA !!! This makes me love him more!

Gandalf falls asleep.

Gandalf the Sleepy // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Трандуил и маленький Леголас

Tales of Mirkwood - Sleep Little one, Thranduil-Legolas