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Photographer Colin Hutton, has created stunning portraits of the world's most overlooked animals,


Hickory Horned Devil ~ caterpillar of the regal moth, also called the royal walnut moth

This gorgeous creature is Chrysolina cerealis, also known as the rainbow leaf beetle. They're found throughout Eurasia, and are about 8mm long. Typically, the females are larger than the males.  I fucking love science

You don’t usually hear about insects being endangered since they’re typically found in huge numbers. However, the Rainbow Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina cerealis) is an extremely rare species of bug that is only found in a few small populations.


The colour combination of this dragonfly is something different alltogether. The sun shining on the wings and body just emphasises it . I think it is a male Trithemis Aurora Taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens: Dragon Flies, Bugs, Color, Dragonfly, Red

Black and white weevil, Congo by André de Kesel

I feel like I could design bugs Black and white weevil, Congo by André de Kesel

Piccola vespa dalla livrea metallica appartenente alla famiglia Eucharitidae (Chalcidoidea), parassitoside di formiche, fotografata da MD_MC (Rodrigo Layug)_

Love the mohawk!amazing bug with the emerald green colors often seen in the tiny miracles of the created world, especially among insects. Detail of the feathery looking antenna associated with moths gives a unique photo!

Scorpion Fly

with its stained glass / mosaic wings, Scorpion Fly .Panorpa communis, the common scorpionfly