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I never dreamed I'd love a South African boxing novel but it's a powerful read!

My no favourite book for all time! I have read almost all of his books! The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho in my 26 years of life, one of the best books ive ever read! this is a must read! everyone should read once in their life!

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho "When you really want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

The Land of Painted Caves

The official web site of Jean M. Auel, bestselling author of The Land of Painted Caves, The Clan Of The Cave Bear, and the entire Earth's Children series.

One of the last books I read... Awesome!! You get to experience the life of women in the Middle East. Very eye opening

"A Thousand Splendid Suns" Khaled Hosseini. His novel "The Kite Runner" is more popular, but this is wonderful story, and in my opinion the better book.

Need book recommendations? Here are some of the best books, my favorite books that I recommend to you!

My Favorite Books to Read

AMAZING! I have read this book at least 5 times. It hits me hard ever time. Truly extraordinary. It's an easy, quick read and I would recommend this to every one!

The Giver - Read this book when I was in high school, and was really happy to reread it a bit ago.

Unbroken books-worth-reading

Unbroken - A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption. By Laura Hillenbrand (Seabiscuit).

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness    Seriously one of the best books I have ever read...not generally  into the supernatural fiction...but this is in a league all its own. AMAZING!!

A Discovery of Witches By Deborah Harkness (All Souls Trilogy). In a sparkling debut, A Discovery of Witches became the "it" book of early bringing Deborah Harkness into the spotlight and galvanizing fans around the world.

The lemon tree: an Arab, a Jew, and the heart of the Middle East - Sandy Tolan

Flowers in the Attic - the secret obsession of every teenage girl in the 80's. It was always hidden from our parents and passed around like candy...

30 "Guilty Pleasure" Books That Are In Fact Awesome

Flowers in the Attic - read by every teenage girl in the I first got my hands on a copy when I was about thirteen. It was always hidden from our parents and passed around.

The Twelve (Book Two of The Passage Trilogy): A Novel: Justin Cronin Awesome II

The book that would never end. The paperback that I read had 627 pages and the book finally got good at page 400! I'm glad I stuck with it though.

30 "Guilty Pleasure" Books That Are In Fact Awesome

Walden- Henry David Thoreau....love this, I hope they still teach it in high school

Walden - Henry David Thoreau A novel as well as a philosophy on life.

Great book - another pinner said

Blood Sisters- Barbara and Stephanie Keating

Blood Sisters (Langani Trilogy) by Barbara Keating, just love this book

The Sun Also Rises (By Ernest Hemingway)The Sun Also Rises first appeared in 1926, and yet its as fresh and clean and fine as it ever was, maybe finer. Hemingways famously plain declarative sentences linger in the mind like poetry: Brett...

The quintessential novel of the Lost Generation, The Sun Also Rises is one of Ernest Hemingway's masterpieces and a classic example of his spare but powerful writing style.