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13 is the average age of victims of trafficking in the sex trade. This organization works to reclaim a safe, loving childhood for victims and to raise awareness and do prevention education.

Power of Prevention Conference hosted by Cleveland’s Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center, April 24 will feature an all day workshop and luncheon with national authority on childhood trauma, Dr. Bruce Perry at Landerhaven in Pepper Pike, Ohio. Dr. Perry is a Senior Fellow at the Child Trauma Academy and is the author of The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog and Born For Love: Why Empathy is Essential and Endangered.

This is your brain on art: A neuroscientist's lessons on why abstract art makes our brains hurt so good

Looking out at the beautiful women at @wildandfree.co this weekend, all that I could see was a bunch of warrior mamas, preparing their tribes for battle. Fighting against the loss of childhood, busyness, social injustice, fear, and apathy. Fighting for creative education, connection, advocacy, bravery, and as @fivechicksandafarmer said, "grit". Thank you, @ainsl3y , for starting a movement that will no doubt, in due time, change the world. 🌍💫 (A 2yr favorite flashback photo because…

A BP magazine? Well why not I guess. Decoding your bipolar diagnosis: Your particular slice of bipolar | Magazine Community

The Alliance for Childhood has WONDERFUL research articles posted on their site free of charge, including: Facing the Screen Dilemma, The Crisis in Kindergarten, and the Crisis in Early Childhood, which is an article on high stakes testing and it's effect on early childhood education.

Brandi @brandi_sienna is a huge support and will be announcing some collaboration here soon for some SFY advocacy work hooray but in the meantime read her story about her daughter and why she stays sober... - - "Recovery has given me so many things to be grateful for. Being able to be clean and sober for my daughter is the greatest gift recovery has given me. I'm blessed to be present in her everyday life and raise a child that doesn't have to recover from her childhood like I did. She is…

Abuse and recovery is a very personal topic for me for many reasons, as is advocacy it is also a passion that drives me to help others escape their own abuse and find true happiness in this life.. The cycle of abuse in my family goes back to at least my great-grandmother. She was married to an alcoholic who eventually abandoned her to raise their children on her own. It carried through to my grandmother, who married my grandfather shortly after High School. He too was an alcoholic. He was…

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