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Slash's take on 1D. Truth. The world needs more rock n roll...

The world needs more rock n roll.

Something like this actually happened to me a coupe days ago...

That's right<<Kill em with kindness was on and my friend was singing, and I was like "How do you know this?" Bc it's the first time I've heard it.ly and the radio" long story short, I live under a punk rock

If this was school i wouldn't want to leave.

I died when I saw Pierce the Veil! <<< I would have either said Peirce the veil or fall out boy for Spanish XD still funny

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Even if he was killing babies (which we all know Patrick Stump will NEVER do) I would still support him

My point exactly to people who say "your music sucks" or "all your music is is screaming about killing and satan"

i agree with the last part, but not the first with the "music today" part.not all pop music has bad lyrics.in fact, most of the songs i listen to have awesome msgs.don't characterize pop music based on a few artists