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"Photos taken on the days Matt Smith chose his Doctor costume. Some pretty cool variations before finally deciding 'bow-ties are cool'.


No Samson did NOT get his power from his hair! He got his power from the Nazarite vow that he took which includes not cutting your hair. The power was given by God not his hair because that would be stupid.

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Dude, you have to see this

''Give me a fucking break, I'm about to die for your ass, appreciate it.'' HAHAHAHA / Assbutt :)>>>the worst thing is that in Italian it wasn't this funny :/

Mishas like "first let me hop out the mutherfuckin porsche"

Amber Stover on

Jensen is like this agent walking out of a car to check on a homicide while Misha is just stumbling out like a drunk trying to look like a cop.

Sam's face is so funny. It is like he knows he is going to be a third wheel.---Sam ships it.<<SAM SHIPS IT