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Parco della Chiusa (Parco Talon)

"The 53 kilometres of porticoes have protected the Bolognesi from the elements for over 1000 years; sometimes known as the city’s umbrellas locals are happy to walk out in the rain sure in the knowledge that they can arrive at their destination without getting wet"

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Similarité : Le drapeau de France et le drapeau de les État Unis sont rouge, bleu, et blanc. #comparaison #drapeau

"Bologna. Scala-Staircase" designed by LauroGhedini _ I started to dedicate to all beautiful Italian Cities , BOLOGNA in this case, one of my project , in sign of respect and pleasure for the live in this incredible Country, You may watch the entire collection into the equivalent boards on my profile, many thanks , Lauro

Come eravamo e come siamo, "Bologna e le festività di Natale 1950-2010" - Bologna -

Che neve! (foto tratta da "Bologna e le festività di Natale 1950-2010" La Repubblica Bologna)