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You know what makes people sit back and go 'Hmm, now that's unique' . Well its pairing unexpected colors together ! Brides are getting more and more adventurous and not only trying out new lehenga hues, but even pairing the...

The Man Who Beat Donald Trump | 4.25.16 |"How Marvin Roffman told the truth, was punished for it—& then fought back. Election 2016, though, has spit out an odd, unexpected mixture of options. It has put Roffman in a position that would have been unthinkable for most of the last quarter-century.“Trump is sort of like a breath of fresh air,” “He’s not like normal politicians. He doesn’t say things that are politically correct.” “I actually think Trump would be so much better than Hillary."…

Not too long ago, Duke and Audrey left Haven on a secret mission together and, during an unexpected sleepover, the two of them shared a passionate kiss. She claims she only loves Nathan, but this smile has to make you wonder. Hmm.

"The best kind of love is with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." #lovequotes

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey Extended Kili flirting. Hmm! This gives a bit more context to the DOS stuff. Boy, Kili sure likes to flirt with elf ladies!

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