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Funny Apology Ecard: Oh you have a cold? How rude of me. I just laid an egg and now my body is violently ripping down the walls of my uterus. But can I get you a tissue? My life it's not even funny

"Attention! People who don't like gay people! Read this! --- 14 Steps That Will Evolve Your Views On Same-Sex Marriage" --- [No one wants to be on the wrong side of history. What would you tell your grandchildren? "Yeah, I was an anti-gay homophobe... my bad"?]

Funny pictures about Blame straight people. Oh, and cool pics about Blame straight people. Also, Blame straight people photos.

Ladies Collegiate Alabama  Roll Tide Bama Fan Burnout Tshirt DTG. $24.99, via Etsy.

If You Wanted A Soft Serve, You Should Have Gone To Dairy Queen! Volleyball shirt on Etsy,

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 30 Pics

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Lol - Expertos del voley

Hahaha, that's exactly what I do during the Olympics volleyball commercials.

Showed this to my husband and he said "You can skip the beer part" :)

This shows us that women expect to be more emotional and want more sentimental things, whereas men just want beer and naked girls. We stereotype genders like this, however I don't think I've ever seen a girl not pleased by a naked man or a beer?

Soft Serve Volleyball - Volleyball - Skreened T-sh ($26.99)

Such an awesome shirt! Soft Serve Volleyball - Volleyball - Skreened T-sh (USD j.m Glathar For you, since I cant serve to save my life.

A little fun on the beach

It's better playing volleyball in the sun on the warm sand getting tan while in the gym you're sweating thirsty have to have certain types of shoes and knee pads. They're butch fun to play but I like having "equipment" for volleyball.

Stress Reduction Kit...perfect for compassion fatigue!

28 Things Only Speech Team People Will Understand

A stress reduction kit that says bang head here in this office humor picture, work comedy pic and funny job photo to hang on your wall.

I'm dying hahaha I didn't even know you liked beer...time to find a new gyno

Hey mom, someone from the gyna colleges called. They said the pabst beer is normal. I didn't even know you like beer.