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Babies may have been born alive for body parts harvesting: Congressional report

The House Select Panel on Infant Lives disclosed in its interim report that there is evidence of babies being born alive and harvested for body parts.

What you choose to do with your body is your business; what you choose to do with someone else's body is quite a different matter.

This is a old living Human Being. Most abortions happen right about now.

Awww! Anyone who doesn't believe in the existence of an Almighty God, isn't comprehending what this means. From the smallest creatures to man (woman) He  made them all perfect.  Science is a marvelous thing, but God made the minds of men who study science.

When I became pregnant, I had previously been diagnosed with pre-cancerous lesions on my cervix. They healed during pregnancy and the doctor told me that this happens quite often in pregnancy.the mothers are healed by the little ones inside them.

This is a bunch of propaganda..When you have to lie to prove your agenda, that says a lot.

abortion, real war on women. If you are thinking about abortion please listen to the song LUCY by SKILLET it's about this girl who aborted her baby and then didn't name her then she regretted it and named here Lucy.

Um.. nope I don't eat eggs because they're fucking nasty and smell like ass. I'm pro-choice because I believe in body autonomy.

Won't eat eggs because they are "baby chicks", but is pro-"choice" because it's "just a bunch of cells". End abortion.

Make your choices before I;m conceived so you don't have to kill me...

When you choose to have unprotected sex knowing you could get pregnant and knowing you don't want to get pregnant, is a choice. It's a choice you can't blame the baby for. If you don't want to get pregnant, wear a condom, take birth control, etc.

Every life is precious..

Claire Culwell survived attempted murder when her mother became pregnant at 13 and her grandmother took Culwell's mother to abort her. Sadly, her twin brother was murdered

We believe that every life is sacred, so sacred that every single innocent life is worth fighting for. Stand with us. Defend #life!

I believe that every life is sacred, so sacred that every single innocent life is worth fighting for.

Inspiring <3

"My mother was able to cope so everyone else must be able to handle their personal, private situation in the exact same manner because my opinion trumps their experience.

Liberal logic= pay for my abortion or pay for my condoms and birth control so that you won't have to pay for my abortion. I'm irresponsible and expect the hand outs for my irresponsibility. #the problem

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