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In the debate over which diet and lifestyle is the best path for increased health and longevity, there is nothing like real-life indisputable proof such as that found among the Hunza tribe in the Himalayas. These people, living in an extremely secluded region of the world, practice simple lifestyle habits which allow them to enjoy…

Cases of over-sensitivity of the abdomen to nerve impressions, fatigue, anxiety or cold were completely unknown. But how do the Hunza people live without ailments and troubles. Find out what I learned and why I truly know the real story on the Hunza Diet

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If you get a chance, sometimes in your life, and visit these people, you will notice that the Hunza people are always smiling and that they always look strong and confident. The Hunza people look very young and to be honest, you will be shocked when they tell you their age. Apricot – that’s the…

The Hunza are living proof that health, vitality and longevity is our natural state of being, and that disease, stress and misery are the completely unnatural consequences of a "modern lifestyle". .Live long and prosper, the secrets of the Hunza