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There so kawaiiiiiiiiii yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There so kawaiiiiiiiiii yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Donnie: hahahahaha! Raph: I'm not kidding Donnie! Leo: Donnie! me: OMG DONNIE YOUR TOO CUTE EVEN WHEN YOU LOOSE YOUR SMARTS!

I Love This Part In The TMNT Episode "The Creeping Doom". To bad we couldnt see graph without his bandana

TMNT on prom night or at my wedding(with Raph)... :D

TMNT << Raph and Leo are spot on. And Mikey is just being his adorable self.

TMNT Rule 63 - April and Karai by MidoriEyes on deviantART:

Rule 63 April and Karai interacting with the fem! I wasn’t planning on drawing much more TMNT genderbend after this, but I think I might h. TMNT Rule 63 - April and Karai