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Northern Red Salamander

Northern Red Salamander- Such a vibrant red, I imagine it living inside a volcano, even though I know better

Axolotl o ajolote Mexicano. es una salamandra acuática.

I'm in love with these animals called Axolotls. They're like little cute alien fish. Regardless of how other people think they look, they always melt my heart.

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Luristan newt (aka Kaiser's Spotted Newt). The luristan newt is a type of salamander and is endemic to the southern Zagros Mountains in Iran, but it now only survives in captivity. *aww how sad!

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The Luristan Newt or Kaiser's Spotted Newt (Neurergus kaiseri) is a type of salamander once found only in the southern Zagros Mountains in Iran, but it now survives only in captivity.