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Porch Potty Premium - a patch of grass to keep on the porch/patio/balcony for your dog(s) to use when you can't let them out. Option to use real soilless grass sod or synthetic grass. Comes w/automatic drainage system, with optional sprinklers to rinse the synthetic grass or water the real grass for you. Long drainage hose can be put directly into a nearby drain, or can use a collecting tray if you don't have a drain in your patio.

Photography of the Paradise - Spring Pictures

The 50 Cutest Baby Animals Of America, State By State

great dane and pup There's a puppy in my townhouse cul de sac that looks just like this one and his name is Zeke! I love petting him!

Covered dog area for Roxie, without the concrete. Could be used when the snow level is above her head. Doggie door installed so she can use it, or go right out to the yard thru open gate.