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To be remembered for ALL elderly people also
10 Beautiful Portraits Of Elderly People Looking In A Mirror At Their Younger Self.
Elderly People on Skateboards Are the Coolest People on Earth - Rough Rider | Guff
Elderly people and objects for life vector by NPetrushka on VectorStock®
Drawing old people is far too much fun. These are great! I especially love the bespectacled man in profile.
MatthewBrown: Gay people can reproduce. Just because they are interested in the same sex, does not mean they are infertile. If a gay man had sex with a straight woman for whatever reason, there is still a chance she would get pregnant. Gay people cannot reproduce with each other, but they can reproduce. Also, infertile couples exist, and children and elderly people can't reproduce either. Does that mean they are inferior?
I want to be an activities coordinator at a nursing home when I graduate. I love working with the elderly, so I hope that I will graduate with a TR major with a Gerontology minor or emphasis. And how fun does this look?!
And the elderly tell us young to respect them. How can we respect those who show no respect?