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Spanish-Facebook-Project-Print-and-Go-Template-382980 Teaching Resources - TeachersPayTeachers.com

Spanish Facebook Project - Print and Go Template

Spanish-Facebook-Project-Print-and-Go-Template-382980 Teaching Resources - TeachersPayTeachers.com

add them as we learn about them. different students respond on different days or 100% respond every day?

Back to School Decorating

I like the white board titles but lots of good ideas on her site. Esp like the superlatives practice I. Spanish with the Nickelodeon kids choice awards.

This simple card game gives Spanish teachers an easy way to provide extra practice for students conjugating those two tricky "to be" verbs, ser and estar.Included in this free printable set are 30 small conjugated verb cards (3 each of soy, eres, es...) and 30 missing-verb Spanish sentence cards (each of which can be completed by one of the verb cards).If you enjoy this Fran's Freebies game, please show your support by sending your friends and followers to the new site being built by the…

This super-simple game gives Spanish teachers a quick and easy way to help students practice conjugating ser and estar -- those terrible twin "to be" verbs that all Spanish students must mas.

Day 80: papeles locos | 180 días en la clase de Sra. Rutherford

Day 80: papeles locos

papeles locos - group activity-minus the obsessive grammar aspect, this could be totally awesome. What middle schooler doesn't enjoy throwing balls of paper around the classroom?

Spanish Body Parts Project. So fun and creative!

Monster Body Project en Espanol (Dozens of resources for EL CUERPO UNIT) Use for french body unit

Spanish soccer unit

Cultural Activities: El fútbol en España

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Even when you feel like you're out of that initial "learning" stage, you have to think of (being able to communicate and understand a foreign) language as a continuous journey.