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Exploding Tardis Custom Inspiration. October 2014

Exploding Tardis (Blue Box Exploding) - Doctor Who hand-painted oil painting,abstract wall art,living room large decor,pop fine art canvas

Dr_who_wallpaper_fixed_brighter2_shop_preview // A nice, subtle fan girl print.

The Doctor's favorite things - brighter fabric by kdowning on Spoonflower - custom fabric Sherman -I'm looking for a new (in addition) Whovian fabric. Need your input.

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does. <<-- ksc The same here. If you never did you have no heart ☺♥♥ @gsparrowhawk1

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does

This Made Me Cry And It Still Does <-- this probably was the most beautiful episode of Doctor Who ever. This scene is so powerful. I really wish Van Gogh would have known.

Hipsters jeez ruining everything<<<I swear I saw something else but I just can't reme.......... What smooth pavement

"Seriously, is there a point to pictures like this? It's just a kid." Why have I pinned this to my fandoms board?<= I love each and every single one of you XD seriously tho, this brooding, staring at nothing hipster stuff's really starting to annoy me.


He's real guys>>>I will meet him. If I hear the TARDIS the entire fandom and I will track him down

Superwholock. Oh my torchwood

I a, just crying reading that story, oh my god, it broke my heart. Such a beautiful story i am legit crying right now. And my heart hurts omg

Soft Kitty - Dalek version (Big Bang Theory meets Doctor Who)

Why the Doctor didn't come back for Amy for 12 years - the whole course of history would change if he had been on time! HIS personal destiny would have changed if he had been on time! If Mels were to succeed in killing him at her younger age, then Rory and Amy would never had ended up having River in the Tardis while traveling, resulting in a regenerating, kidnapped baby trained to destroy the Doctor, but in that case, who would have killed the Doctor? Was the Tardis avoiding paradoxes? Yes.

A time traveler is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.>>yass Gandalf is amazing

Recently discovered Van Gogh painting... A TATDIS-like image in the background  Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!

As an artist I was ecstatic about there being a New Van Gogh painting, and I tried my best to just view the art and not see the Tardis.But my fangirl side was flipping out. More proof that the Doctor is real? I think so!