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From "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold" by Carl Barks , [W OS    9-02] (1942)

From "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold" by Carl Barks , [W OS 9-02] (1942)

"Only a Poor Old Man" by Carl Barks - original 1952 cover. Not the first Uncle Scrooge story, but the first Scrooge 'solo-book' from 1952. It defines the character for the solo-adventures that would follow. According to Fantagraphics the 30-volume Barks Library will most likely contain 4 volumes of Scrooge solo-stories. One volume published so far. Three Donald Duck volumes have been published, these also contain some Scrooge stories.

Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge Comics - Some people only want their extended family to see their efforts, the dedicated site we provide can do this easily

Carl Barks

Whether they’re sexist, out-dated or just plain taken out of contest, old-school comic panels can be a pretty good source of entertainment. Seek 20 funny comic book panels below.

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Donald Duck by Carl Barks

Donald Duck by Carl Barks