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Foto Jennifer Lawrence en Los juegos del hambre 2: En llamas 2

Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games: Catching Fire Movie Pics Could the Capitol already have control over Katniss?

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Stage 1: ~*Excitement*~

The 6 Stages Of Reading "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" As Told By Elizabeth Banks

"Not like this" Haymitch says, "He wanted it to be real". | The Hunger Games | Catching Fire | Peeta | Katniss | Haymitch | Proposal | Train | Real or not Real

"I thought he wanted it, anyway," I say. "Not like this," Haymitch says. "He wanted it to be real" I wish those lines were in the movie

Took down the Capitol with a handful of berries.

One courageous young man and woman took down the Capitol with a handful of berries.

Books and Readers

Harry Potter and Hogwarts, Percy Jackson and Camp Half-Blood.then there's the Hunger Games.

Catching fire. This might be my favorite poster so far! I also love the one with Katniss and Peeta sitting on the beach and on top it says "Tick, Tock"

Fan Art: Catching Fire movie poster featuring Katniss' wedding dress that transforms her into a Mockingjay. Whoever designed this has great talent. Can't wait for this!

30 hunger game quotes katniss

30 hunger game quotes katniss

Fire is catching . ♥, so stop calling it hunger games2 and never tell me you a huge fan when u haven't read the books!

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