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So cute. Gif. "Tea. Make me tea, John." Click for artist blog.. as always when I pin from this artist.. be aware the background of the blog is a drawing of John in a red thong flipping you off.

The latest Sherlock: an anti-costume drama costume drama which yet provides refuge

That line cracks me up. <<< Always with the wonderful wise words Mrs. Hudson <3

"And the winner is not Sherlock. . . I love Martin's face and even more that Amanda can't stop laughing. GIF" - Martin looks ready to kill the next person who dares to speak to him, lol. And poor Bradley James in the .gif that accompanies this. He looks so annoyed, lol.

I'm gonna start doing this cus honestly that smile is easy more intimidating than shouting at someone

Deductive crinkles. It's a technical term. I prefer to call them Seductive Crinkles, also a technical term.