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That's me! Haha

and random noises for any lyrics I forget hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! so true

Yeah, later I'm going through the conversation in my head and I honk of an amazing comeback

Teenager Post I envy people that come back with witty comebacks on the spot because I'm gonna need at least a 3 day notice.


i hate when waiters ask are you done with that? when the plate is completely clear. like nah, imma eat the plate too

and then I get mad and yell at it xD

I hate it when I'm taking a drink and the ice attacks my face


this is my life.always stepping on kitty cat tails and puppy dog feet!

That is why there is always a fork in with the cake

I wasn't going to post this but then I thought of this.So when I do this I can just say that i had only one piece of cake. Happy days are here again

Again, senior citizen and teenager in sync.  Jams are fashion statements. j

A plus side to being my friend is that you can totally come to my house in your pajamas and I won't judge you. because I will also be in my pajamas.

All the time, then having to go back and watch the movie again to get what you missed while you were off figuring out who the actor was

IMDB is a lifesaver. Happens sooo many times. Drives Ash and I crazy!

When I say, "The other day"...It can mean any time from yesterday to 364 days ago.

I say this all the time and it drives my husband crazy! I just give him this exact explanation every time!


english teachers put more thought into the novel than the actual author did! so true! my ELA teacher asks questions like "why do you think the author wrote this book?

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you're going to see today

20 Of The Funniest Pictures You Will See Today

Here is a collection of twenty of the funniest pictures you& going to see today