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Disney Princesses and Frozen

Now I have to watch Frozen to see if that's really Tiana & Cinderella! I already knew Rapunzel is in it.

Crafting in the Rain: Disney Princess Necklaces

Disney Princess Necklaces

Crafting in the Rain: Disney Princess Necklaces. Darling way to make a necklace or bracelet for a sweet princess we know to wear with her sash and tiara. Perfect idea for a Preschool Princess Party!

Because the "Frozen was the first" things irritate me to no end - oh I liked the movie, but people seem to forget things quite easily, and Frozen wasn't quite Disney's best...

FROZEN, the first Disney movie to teach girls that the first man won't always be right.>>>This one is true; so far as I can think right now.>>>>one of the only Disney movies to teach girls that a man doesn't have to save them; they can save themselves.

I love Disney!! I think these are cute... (even if inaccurate to the true stories) and (even though Thumbilina wasn't Disney and Belle should be there) Some of the arguing comments are hilarious btw

Happily Ever After

Disney families after there happily ever after stories. except Thumbilina isn't Disney.

coolTop Disney Tattoo - Disney Princesses: Not So Happily Ever After?

The Real Disney Princesses = Awesome Cosplay (Snow is supposed to have fair skin, but its REALLY good cosplay)

http://www.disneystore.com/disney-fairytale-designer-collection/mn/1021602/  soooo adorable!

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Disney Girls for fans of Disney Princess images.

Come on, Pixar. - Imgur

Come on, Pixar.

Hidden pictures in the Brave title. Pixar/Disney thinks of absolutely EVERYTHING! This is incredibly awesome.

Disney magic

This makes my heart melt. Disney is a Magical Place. This makes my heart melt.

Facebook...has great stuff

So true. Just so much truth. To much truth to be contained in one board! Someone should do something!