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mashable: "Inside Amy Schumer" gun sketch puts grim spin on lawyer TV ads https://t.co/0ZRxcktVsN https://t.co/eoenpx2uwM

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'Inside Amy Schumer' gun sketch puts grim spin on lawyer TV ads

Please tell me everyone remembers Full House. Love that show!! (Watching the reruns is like re-living childhood)

full house :-) I used to watch this show and think my uncle Jesse is just as cool if not way cooler and he was even married to a "aunt" Becky for a brief time but we were his kids cause he never did have any of his own.

Sex and the city~ never get tired of watching this movie! Love it!

The Sex and the City movie-I remember when this came out.the excitement of going to see it and all the women out and about having their satc parties and dressed to the nine!

Lol when (if) I ever become a teacher jk

- So is it hard to grade papers? - Ted: "No, you just got to make it fun. For example, every time I spot a grammatical error, I do a shot. I'm trashed right now, and I blame our public school system.

New Girl...irritating tv show..Hubby got me into watching it and I don't like leaving things midway!

Keep Calm and Wacth New Girl ! Is there any other way to keep calm ?


Season 7 just finished.one of the best tv shows of all time

From the show Girls on HBO

From the show Girls on HBO