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Gizmodo: Hillary Clinton Had 11 Blackberrys While Secretary of State  https://t.co/wj8WeLYJB9 https://t.co/Qa9gBElAyR

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A Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted by Bill Clinton Drops a BOMB on Hillary (WHOA!)

A Woman Who Was Sexually Assaulted by Bill Clinton Drops a BOMB on Hillary (WHOA!) Willey reminds us why Hillary’s treatment of her and other victims is why Hillary could never be considered a pro-woman candidate. Statements to the contrary are laughable:

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Hillary deleted emails that would have landed her and maybe even obama in prison! Just think what she could do to destroy our country if she was elected, her campaign is funded by the muslim brotherhood and the bilderberg group-she's their puppet

Hillary's motto since her radicalized Marxist days at college: 'There is only the fight.' Hitler's motto: 'There is only the struggle.' The end justifies the means for dictators.


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Allowed your fellow Americans to die instead of sending in requested support in fear of offending the Libyan people!

Lord, as we complete our prayer campaign this week, we ask that you touch the hearts of all those for whom we’ve prayed. Open their eyes to the horror of abortion and give them the gift of true sorrow for the sin of abortion of so many of your precious little ones.

The Cardinal Newman Society broke the news yesterday that the Lecture Fund at Georgetown University invited Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) Pres Defending the Indefensible

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's Aide, who has ties directly to the Muslim Brotherhood. If HILLARY CLINTON gets elected, THIS WILL BE THE PERSON PULLING HER STRINGS.

Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton's Aide, worked as consultant to William Jefferson Clinton Foundation while still employed by State Department. She has ties to Muslim Brotherhood. We have the USA enemy inside the white house

Obama Doesn't Care

Obama Doesn't Care