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Trust me, she knew who she was dancing with the entire time. She just chose to see the good in everybody. I personally don't think she should change that about herself. It's possible her energy could even bring out the best in the devil

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Image result for quotes about emotions

Satan2222 by glooh on deviantart.

by glooh on deviantart.

I love the smell of don’t fuck with me in the morning

How i feel every morning befor work

Lets Keep It Real

some real shit right here

They go whine to their blinded husband and place blame for the things they did and started. Too funny

Jason Meeder Oneonta, Al Orange Beach, Al

This can save alot of heartache and pain.

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he's gotta want to be the cure, and not anymore cause. he's gotta want to want her, and want to show her what love is supposed to be....because when all a woman knows is pain, happiness can feel so unfamiliar to her that it's scares her into thinking that's it's too good to be true. It could scare her into thinking it's only a matter of time before he turns into all those who came before him.  So yea, it takes a certain type of man, who gets it.  #thecrimsonkiss

Not getting my hopes up for something that doesn't exist in real life. Disney or romance movies but not real life. I just want peace before my death. No more fear. He found me, Happy Normal YES,Yes.

Where is he? I’m waiting!

There's a man out there searching for everything you're giving to a man who isn't man enough to appreciate it.

If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it - too many people tearing each other down instead of building each other up!

Yes so true.....you need to realize that and move on.  He just said those things to you because he could.

my dear he never pause

Today Top 31 Cool im

This so describes me!!

I'm still a "forgiver", I'm just not codependent anymore. I've taken the time and energy to understand that there is a difference between forgiving, versus living in denial of the fact that some people are just broken or toxic.

She is like the moon part of her always hidden. She used to shine like the sun. She was free as the breeze. (She was me) VM Skinmania