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Painted Flowers by First grade

Flower Paintings by First Grade: Learn about Van Gogh and Hundertwasser

The ladies of Percy Jackson ❤ not how I pictured some of them but still really nice

Okay first of all "beauty as Piper' what the hell does that mean. Also, she spent most of the books trying to prove that she was more than just her looks? Why would you make hers about her beauty?

Crafts Made with Buttons | Craft ideas for those stray button and badges...

31 DIY projects in 31 days - Day Twelve

help to absorb sound in a room. Easy to make. Each panel consists of a framed piece of canvas ( which we could have some of our artists paint on) with foam inserts!!!

Decorative Sound Absorbing Panels

music room, home theater room. decorated canvas, stuffed with the foam stuff, hang it on the walls for good acoustics and make the room sound proof.