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vintage everyday: A Couple at the Le Monocle Lesbian Nightclub, Paris, 1932

Japan 1930/40's

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Brassaï: Lesbian couple at The Monocle, c.1932 This photograph, taken at a bar owned by Lulu de Montparnasse on the rue Edgar-Quinet, is thus not the least sensationalistic. The evening is well advanced, the couple is easy and relaxed, the woman dreamily leaning against her partner, who tenderly touches her arm.

Le Bal Musette, La Boule Rouge, c. 1935-36. Unlike many of his contemporaries who were portraying the fashionable and romantic sides of Paris, Brassaï was enraptured by the seedy underworld that could only be seen after hours. It was in the bistros, cafes and bars that Brassaï discovered his most fascinating subjects. And it was in their backrooms and back alleys where Brassaï captures prostitutes, nightclub entertainers, transvestites and their patrons in all stages of revelry.