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Teenagers aren't the only people who do this. And throw it at people

Teenager post wow I thought I was alone in this lol. then I start tying them together. Ditto <--------- haha I start grass wars with my friends!<<<< When i played soccer i used to make nests for my soccer ball

Pretty much.

I'm at the point of the semester where I'm hoping my future husband is doing really well in school right now

pretty much gives me a heart attack every time.

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Who doesn't love mac n cheese

It's more like fried chicken but I'm fine with mac and cheese. This is my life motto.

Omg that is EXACTLY ME ... I can make the BEST bun ever as long as I'm not gonna be seen by anyone

Actually, I invented the messy bun, it's called, "I'm gonna pull up 3 feet of hair with a scrunchie real quick"

Pretty much....LOL.

Relatable Post The awkward moment when you gently toss your phone on your bed and it decides to bounce off 3 walls, knock down 2 lamps, and kill a cat.

I'd freak out, fall out of bed, then try to resist squealing with joy

I would snuggle back and be like "Good morning" sleepily not realizing anything was wrong.then I would freak out.Then I would get over it and we would just snuggle and talk.then I'd wake up and start crying and never ever stop

The O.C., One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Parks and Rec, 90210, Pretty Little Liars, Laguna Beach, The Hills......

One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood, Friends

One of those days? How bout all day every day

Hunt HAHAH me and the hair gel * Rubs in * * Brushes hair * * Watch's doctor who * * Goes into the room your in * * cant fit hair to fluffy *

Teenager Posts

I swear if school, volleyball, and basketball didn't exist I would read for days at a time