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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/176083326/the-rett-syndrome-awareness-necklace-the

Items similar to The Rett Syndrome Awareness Necklace: The Life Collection/Sterling Silver/Purple/Swarovski beads/seizures/lavender/Cause/Charity/Ribbon on Etsy

Fresh Look: AAC for Children Who Have Rett Syndrome with Dr. Theresa Bartalotta

AAC for Children Who Have Rett Syndrome Individuals with RTT have severe challenges in cognition, communication and motor function. Pragmatic Organization Dynamic Display Communication Books – developed by Gayle Porter

learn about rett syndrome www.rettsyndrome.org

My beautiful sister in law found this for me. I have a 15 yr old non verbal daughter named Olivia - Jane and this is spot on. God bless her auntie Loreen!

Rett Syndrome Awareness - Learn about Rett and support the "Silent Angels"  www.njrsa.org

Rett Syndrome Awareness - Learn about Rett and support the "Silent Angels" www.njrsa.org

rett syndrome stages and interventions what is rett syndrome gillette children's

Learn about Rett syndrome symptoms and Rett syndrome treatments in this infographic.

My experience with Rett Syndrome - Gaby Valner

My Experience With Rett Syndrome


Convaid and other companies make awesome adaptive strollers to meet a wide variety of needs

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This quote speaks to my heart! My sweet mom has had 14 strokes.she has verbal aphasa apraxia (sp? She can no longer talk but she does understand after you explain several times. Like autism.she's trapped inside herself.

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Every two hours a girl is born with Rett Syndrome! My granddaughter Lailah was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome last year.