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5 Myths About Interactive Notebooks

In a recent post, I wrote What Not to Do When Using Interactive Notebooks: things I'd learned the hard way as I began to use them. I concluded at the end that interactive notebooks will neither make or break your teaching, and only you-- the teacher--can decide if they are right for your students. Interactive notebooks are hot right now, and so I thought discussing these common "myths" might help you decide what you think of them. Hopefully this can help! 1. Foldables & Flip-ups Make the…

Spanish Body Parts Poster - Day of the Dead Skeleton

Cute poster for your room with 12 Spanish body parts labeled on a Day of the Dead skeleton. Great visual reminder! Look for Label the Skeleton and "What's Missing?" activities in my TpT store.

Create a Sentence Spanish Cards Present Tense

Spanish sentence parts cards for students to practice conjugating verbs and making simple sentences. Great for hands-on practice or games!

Spanish AR Verbs Speaking Activity (Memory with Sentences)

This is the classic game of memory/concentration with a twist. Before playing the cards need to be cut up individually and turned over so that the ...