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Deer at Wollaton Park, Nottingham.these are not deer. =) These are elk.


ARTFINDER: In the Presence of Bison by Lena Owens - Print Epson 7890 Poster Printer, on Fujifilm Paper. Other sizes are: Contact me, if you want another size o.

Markhor goat, the national animal of Pakistan.

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Benutzerdefinierte Reihenfolge--ein voller Größe magische Krone stabil genug zu tragen oder für die Anzeige. Ein perfektes Accessoire für feste, Hochzeiten oder Kostüm Parteien. Hergestellt aus Rebe, Zweige, Zeder Rosetten, Rosskastanie Rümpfe, Flechten und Moos. Ca. 17 cm über. Benutzerdefinierte Kronen sind bestellbar--finden Sie weitere Fotos und meinen anderen Eintrag möchten Sie mal etwas anderes als diese.

Faery Crown of natural materials Custom Order

Custom order--a full size magical crown sturdy enough to wear or for display. A perfect accessory for festivals, weddings or costume parties.

♂ Interesting animal face...I always consider the main physical feature of the animal as the key compositional element. Photograph/Salvatore Arone #symmetry #portrait #animal

Blackbuck, a magnificent antelope native to India. The wild population of Blackbucks has been declining for a number of years, due to overhunting and habitat loss.

Caribou cows and bulls both grow distinctive antlers and bull antlers can reach 4 feet in width! A Caribou calf can run within 90 minutes of its birth. It must do this to keep up with the migrating herds.

Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) standing on slope Photo by Johnny Johnson on Getty Images Lapland Reindeer, Norway

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The Animal Blog — (via Rare “Forest Giraffe” Born at Chicago’s...

The Animal Blog — (via Rare “Forest Giraffe” Born at Chicago’s...