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"The Two Worlds Solution Infinity: Prelude: Part 3 _Written By Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer, Art By Stefano Caselli , Cover by Leinil Francis Yu ,The battle between the Avengers and Mad Earth heats

Daily @deviantART Picks for 07-03-2014 #Marvel #Mutant #XMen | Images Unplugged

{The Colorful Mutants of Marvel - Peter Nguyen} I'm not certain who these mutants are, however the art is beautiful!

http://www.comicbookresources.com/imgsrv/imglib/0/0/1/howelldesign2-35e21.jpg KO design by Corin Howell for Windblade.

Transformers News: Transformers Team Talks "Windblade," New Female Characters - Interview

Megs and Reflector: Best comic book parody EVER. ^_^

Megatron & Reflector - omage to Thle Killing Joke cover with the Joker.