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If I got a tattoo it would definitely be a Triforce of wisdom on my hand

triforce of wisdom tattoo?

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Phoenix: she cries tears that can heal wounded hearts, souls & bodies

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Our signs are made from reclaimed wood to give you that rustic look and of proceeds goes to help rebuild areas hit by natural disasters. We hope to bring everything full circle. Sign Measures: X (KL: Tat quote?

Another possible tattoo idea. But I would change it to "Dream without limits. Love without fear."

Love this quote. Might actually switch it up - dream without limits. Love without fear shoulder tat

ahimsa // non-violence; compassion for all living things//I've always had compassion, but it's not w/o limits. It dies when ill-fed...or abused. It dies until I move on...

Ahimsa is one of the five yamas of yoga. This yama is the practice of non violence. This pin gives an overview of what his yama means and how it is practiced, by loving all living things.